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Campground Ambience – Camping to get close to Nature or as a way to Relax with a Beer?

If you’re looking for nature and peace and quiet then seek out a campground that doesn’t set up the tent sites row upon row like a parking lot. Check whether the campground has a large number of permanent residents as this changes the feel and general vibe of the place.

Camping is a holiday with a beer for some, relaxation without alcohol for others.

Find out more about the campground that you plan to visit by calling the campground or ask someone who has visited the campground. Travel sites do not always contain accurate campground information.

State forests and National Parks are ideal if you want to be amongst nature. Many free nature-immersed campgrounds have eco toilets and barbeques.

The right camping equipment

Equipment can make or break a camping trip. This doesn’t mean you need the most expensive gear – in fact a lot of campers swear by the Kmart tents that are a fraction of the price of the high-end tents. The right gear is the gear that is right for you. One tip: never compromise on what you will be sleeping in and on.

Travelling light

Travelling light is always great when camping – less to pack into the car, less to unpack at the site, less to set up at the camp site and less to put away in the end.