You might. But it’s very unlikely.

What is Flow?

Flow is being totally absorbed in something.  It is living in the moment.

It is being so involved in reading, solving a puzzle, creating a piece of furniture, gardening, playing a game, playing sport that you lost all track of anything else.

That is flow.

It is satisfying and liberating and something that kids experience often. And we were all kids once.

Adults experience flow at work

Most workplaces provide employees specific tasks to do and give the latitude and the support needed to achieve the task.  This provides a good framework in which to achieve a state of flow.

Children experience flow all the time

Kids experience flow in their games of imagination with each other, in their learning to ride a bike, in their learning to skateboard and then skateboarding on their own or with friends. Kids have ample opportunity to experience flow. It is perhaps one of the reasons we look back on childhood as being an easy time of life. So much flow, so little time.

Television time is no-flow time

We rob ourselves of the possibility of flow when we turn on the television. Even sitting at the computer writing a computer program (or a blog) is more likely to conjure up flow.

It’s not quite meditating but it feels like it and most people already do it without even trying to in those moments they entertain themselves rather than letting television do the entertaining.