credit: popsugar

True Detective has a woman problem and apparently that’s why people like it.

The first episode of True Detective contains a lot of talking, by men, and the only image of a woman is one who has been killed.  More specifically, tortured and killed.  

We treat dogs better than this.  There would be an uproar if a TV show contained images of a dog or a cat that was clearly tortured and killed.

Men fear women will laugh at them; women fear men will kill them (to paraphrase Gavin De BeckerThe Gift of Fear).  Mysoginistic shows like True Detective do not actually perpetuate this.  The people watching the True Detective do.

If a show is made and nobody watches it then it has no impact.

Any Dad who is watching television containing violence or degradation against women can make a difference by voting with their remote (and their conscience) and turning it off.  The story has come from someone’s brain; that someone has had to think up and want violence against women.  Your daughter, your wife, your Mum, your sister. 

Smoking is not allowed to appear on the screen anymore as it promotes smoking.  Does the same thing hold for viewing violence against women?  

Hollywood actors voted with their feet against the imbalance of African-American actors by not attending the 2015 Oscars.  Will Smith may continue to boycott the Oscars in 2017 because of a lack of diversity. The same protest against misogyny would give a clear message.