Image: Space (by Sweety 187,, Creative Commons)

The Unbearable Lightness of Water

Weightlessness is described as a similar feeling to that of being in free-fall.

Weightlessness has a calming effect on the mind which is why doctors recommend swimming in the sea.  In fact, being in water is the closest we can come to being an astronaut and astronauts are trained for weightlessness partially by water exercises.  For example, Nasa trains astronauts 40 feet under water.  The European Space Agency also conducts Astronaut exercises using the natural buoyancy of water.

Weightlessness in water for health

Quite apart from being an astronaut, being in water and being buoyant can have health benefits.  This is particularly so for people with arthritis or soft tissue injuries.  You don’t have to swim laps to get the benefits.  Walking or just moving about is good for an injured part of the body and good for just getting moving.

Weightlessness and sun, sand, surf and anti-bacterial

Swimming in the surf can help not only with calming but also with the healing of wounds.  Have you ever had a cold sore that won’t budge only to have it heal after a swim in the ocean?  Swimming in the ocean can give you some vitamin D from the sun which is great for bone density and the sand provides a textural change which can give your feet a great massage.

The next time you have free time why not be an astronaut for an hour or two or three?