Stories Make the World Go Around

Once upon a time we used to get our stories by listening and talking around a fire, in a cave or anywhere we were with people who were our tribe.

Now we get them from the internet, from television, from books and anywhere we are with people who are in our tribe.

Stories Enliven us

Stories give us strength, enthusiasm and insight.  The stories that our friends tell us.  The stories that our Mum or Dad or children tell us.  The stories our teachers, our shop assistants tell us.  Without them life is black and white with no shades of grey or colour.

Stories let us know where we’ve come from

Listening to family talk about what they did before us means we know the path that was trod before us, the path that led to us.

Children learn so much from stories.  Old children and young Children.

Stories let us know that someone else has experienced this before

That heartbreak from your teen years.  That friendship poison that you experienced and cried over or killed over.  Your experience is a story to someone else and it makes a difference.

A richer world, a lighter heart

It creates colour and diversity and depth in the world of the listener and it lets the heart of the story-teller soar.

Tell Your Story

In words, in song, in picture or art.  Let someone else know it.

We all need stories.  We all need to be story-tellers.