(Photo: Stephen Chin, Creative Commons)

The Robots are Coming

This is not science fiction, this is science reality.  Robots will take over all heavy lifting and hard physical jobs sooner rather than later.  Will you be replaced by a robot?

Jobs of the Future are more Cerebral

Digging trenches, laying bricks, furniture removal and more will be not done by people any more.  People will be doing jobs that robots cannot.  Jobs that require thinking.  And a lot of these are those that require university degrees.

Free Education Promotes Equality Within Society 

Many European countries provide free education.  A country is as good as it treats the weakest members of society.  Providing for free education via taxes is a good step in the direction of equality for all.

A More Educated Society is More Empowered

It is also more prosperous. 

The benefits are not just economic.  There are plenty of social benefits of education including more stable families and reduced crime rates.

Because of its importance to society it should be the focus not only of Governments but also of communities.

Education Provides Options

When some of society has access to education and some does not, it creates inequality.  The less educated will in general have less economic power and fewer career choices.

Online Education is a Free Option

Online education on sites like Coursera and Open2Study won’t provide as much support as attending classes physically, but do at least provide an option that anyone can consider regardless of income.