Be Kind

It makes you feel good!

Support a Charity

Support does not have to be financial, you can volunteer your time or just support by liking them and thereby spread the word on social media.

Give something back

Help out at a school or an old peoples home or a shelter.

Spending time with people who have no one close to them can make the world of difference to them.  It gives them something to look forward to.  Even better, take them out to look at the ocean or a grassy meadow and create some memories for them to keep forever.

Random Acts of Kindness

Be kind to someone, just because you can.

Let Someone Else Have Their Way

There are no winners in an argument.  Why not just concede and let the other person have their way.

Turn The Other Cheek

If somebody says or does something unkind or is deliberately goading you, just get on with being you and keep those feathers of yours unruffled.

Give Others The Benefit of the Doubt

We do not all think the same.  Unless you have 100% proof it is not true, always assume others mean you no ill will.

Kill Them With Kindness

Those who are not treating us as we would like are always surprised by kindness being returned.

Smile at Someone

This one is easy.  Make it a genuine smile – make it count.  Smiles are contagious so don’t be surprised if you get one right back at you!