Image source: TalentSmart

The first time I came across the word “Ambivert” was when I visited a fellow blogger.  This blogger is a solo traveller (half her luck) and describes an Ambivert as someone who is not complete extrovert and not complete introvert but essentially a bit of both.  The introvert portion of the personality is needed to recharge the batteries of the extrovert part.

Ambivert Is Me

When I’m out socialising I am a social butterfly I am inclusive, interesting (even if I do say so myself) and have people flocking to me.  I know not only I think this because people tell me they think this of me also.  

This is not a natural or dominant part of me.  I have learned it.  And I cannot do it if I haven’t had time to be in my own company

So what makes an Ambivert tick?

Ambiverts do not need always need social stimulation to make them feel good, like an extrovert does.  They do need some social stimulation though, unlike an introvert. 

An ambivert finds that their personality can change from extrovert to introvert depending on the social setting or the group of people that you are with.

Ambiverts are awesome

A self-aware Ambivert can utilise their personality for good, they know when to bring out the extrovert and when to tuck it away.  Most leaders are Ambiverts.

So Ambiverts, go forth and conquer.

So Ambiverts relish the quiet solitude of your own company. 

Both are good.